Professionals Open House

On, Friday April 24th, our office hosted a Professional’s Open House. The main purpose was to introduce these professionals to our new office and introduce them to our outstanding staff. We had Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Functional Neurologists, Dentists and other Physician Specialists. In addition, we had brain injury advocates, staff members, accountants, bankers and a few of our patients and their families.

The best part of hosting these open houses (this was our fifth one) is to put together like minded individuals and let them network. We had participants that knew of each other but never met, knew each other and re-connected, never met and made a new connection and heard of each other and wanted to meet. This created great synergy among the professionals. Many traded business cards and brochures but most of all many learned what the others did and how they treated.

Monday, we will be back in the office and draw from all the business cards those who won door prizes. Our staff will personally deliver the door prizes. We had some amazing donated door prizes such as a suite for the Texas Revolution Football game (Arena Football), Allen American’s Hockey Clubs Playoff tickets and a garden kit. Below is a picture of some of the prizes.

Most of all, fun was had by all–and many connections made.

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