To fully understand the impact of Vision Therapy on our patients and patients families lives…its best to hear it in their own words:

Before vision therapy I very much disliked reading. I never even wanted to pick up a book. I always got tired in the middle of the day, at school. It was hard to do my math homework. We would have to finish it in class but I never would. My mom would normally have to help me with it when I got home. And now, after vision therapy, I don’t get tired half way through the day, I actually want to keep working. And most important it has made me feel more confident and more smarter inside.

And so, I just wanted to thank Jenna, my therapist, and Demetria my other therapist, and my mom for taking me here and spending all this time helping me.

Love Kassy F.

Prior to attending vision therapy, I struggled with several eye problems since birth. Peripheral vision, strabismus, far-sightedness, and nystagmus were constant problems for me.

After thirty sessions of vision therapy, my eyes have improved. My general vision is stronger, I have less eye strain, better peripheral awareness, diminished strabismus and calm nystagmus.

If the doctors recommend that you are a good candidate for vision therapy, I would highly recommend that you try it and be diligent with your homework. Vision Improvement is worth the effort!

I am immensely grateful for the wonderful team of doctors and therapists who have invested so much time and effort into helping me.

Caroline R.

The next two are from a mother and her daughter who was the therapy patient:

This therapy has changed Mariana’s life; no more headaches, skipping lines or sight tiredness. We’ll always be grateful to you and we’ll remember you as the wonderful team that made Mariana love reading. She can’t stop now!! We’re going to miss you.


Dear Therapists:

You had helped me a lot on my vision therapy. I can see much now and I can see in 3-D too! I feel like I can read better and write better too!

Thank you so much for helping me. I’m going to miss you all a lot!


This is from a teacher of one of our therapy patients:

It is the little things that make a difference!

Before vision therapy, this student appeared unaware of his peers and sometimes overwhelmed by his environment. Slowly he has emerged into the kid:

Who helps out
Who pulls out a chair for a child with physical challenges
Who acts as a lookout for a friend who is getting up to mischief
Who knows if there is cake in the building
Who is celebrating his successes,
Who sets up the room for the next activity
Who is laughing more

Thank you for helping him reach these milestones.

Sheila S.

I have been amazed at Shane’s progress.  First, a big improvement after his prism lenses.  Then again after vision therapy.  His teacher remarked on how his attitude and schoolwork started improving during vision therapy.  His test scores, especially in reading, climbed almost vertically in a few months time.

We have been thoroughly pleased with Dr. Shidlofsky, Dr. Lowell, and Jenna.  They kept us informed and gave Shane lots of positive reinforcement along the way.  And the staff was always incredibly helpful and friendly too.

What more can I say?  My child’s life and our life has been changed forever.  Vision therapy was truly a godsend for us and we will be eternally grateful.

Dawn A.

The next two letters are from an Autism educator and an ABA therapist:

I’ve seen Keshav’s confidence grow when doing visual task’s, he’s much less afraid of making mistakes.  He is able to filter out more visual distractors than prior to vision therapy.  He has begun a reading program during the time he was getting vision therapy and he is much more capable of discriminating small variances between words.

SB A, MEd. Autism Intervention

Keshav is eager to complete a task.  His anxiety and stress, when approached with work has decreased.  His visual tracking and scanning has improved while decreasing visual stimulus behaviors.  Thank you so much for all your help and advice in Keshav’s journey.

Frank J, ABA Developmental Therapist

Thomas was referred to Dr. Shidlofsky by his occupational therapist.  When Thomas was first evaluated I was amazed at all of the issues he was having with his vision.  We have definitely seen chages since starting vision therapy in August.  I think the change we see the most is in his fluency.  Before therapy, there were times when his reading was choppy and greatly affecting his comprehension.  Now he is a much more fluent reader and we’re seeing improvment with his comprehension as well. Thomas is required to read 15-20 minutes each day for homework and eh would generally fuss when asked to do it.  Now he’s eager to read.  Thank you for all your help.

Parent of Thomas E.