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Specialists in Vision Re/habilitation and Therapy

Charles Shidlofsky, O.D., FCOVD and Associates are pleased to present a new concept in vision care:

Vision Re/habilitation and Therapy: As with most eyecare practices, we want you to be able to see 20/20. However, we take it well beyond 20/20 by evaluating how you process information, your visual perception ability and finally how your vision integrates with your other senses. We utilize state-of-the art equipment so that your eyes receive the best possible care.

Patients We Serve:

Pediatric and developmental vision issues such as learning related vision problems, amblyopia, strabismus, developmental delay, autism spectrum disorders, genetic disorders etc.

Treatment of Vision problems as a result of neurological injury such as Concussion, stroke (CVA), Traumatic Brain injury or other neurological insults

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Myopia Management

Myopia (near-sightedness) is reaching epidemic proportions. This visual condition affects between 40-50% of all Americans (and significantly higher in Asian Americans). There are now several treatments to help control the progression of myopia. There are certain types of myopia progression contact lenses that are now available and there are also eye drops that have been shown to be effective in reducing progression of near-sightedness. We would like to discuss these options with you.

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Sports Vision

Most athletes have heard the famous "keep your eyes on the ball," but many underestimate that concept. Vision performance for sports is not only based on the 20/20 but also eye movements, focusing, eye teaming and processing speed and many other factors.

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Eye Care for the Whole Family

We have a commitment to meeting the eye care needs of the whole family. We offer routine eye examinations, contact lens evaluations, medical eye care, surgical consultations for LASIK, PRK and Cataracts. We also fit and prescribe contact lenses for difficult to fit patients such as those with: Keratoconus, high astigmatism, corneal transplants, bifocal and multifocal contacts and hybrid contact lenses.

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